each day approximately 22 US Veterans commit suicide.

According to common, well known, figures, each day approximately 22 US Veterans commit suicide. 22!  Seriously.  1 is an outrage and a tragedy.  Short of suicide, our brave men and women (military and first responders) across the nation and abroad are STRUGGLING with symptoms related to PTSD and other byproducts from defending the front lines.  Among the many great things taking place during the Emerald Coast Honor Games, honor and a call to action are top priorities.  YOU ARE NOT ALONE.


With the world’s largest US flag as our backdrop, we plan to send a strong message that we, (the community at large) stand behind and in support of our military and first responders!  It is that spirit, in which, the Emerald Coast Honor Games presents the 5TH annual “Ruck 22.”  This is an honorary ruck/march/walk in which the entire community, children included (with parents present) are invited out to join, mingle, march, and go down range with real soldiers to complete a 3 mile course from Lulu's through beautiful Regatta Bay. Join us to show support for our military and First Responder Community!