Thank you to all of our partners and sponsors

who have helped us raise over $111,000 to date!

Welcome and thank you for taking the time to support and bring honor to our DEFENDERS of the Front Line!!

The mission of the Emerald Coast Honor Games is simple… to “Raise funds to support DEFENDERS of the Front Line.”


With the nation’s 3rd largest Veteran population per capita AND thousands of First Responders along the Emerald Coast, our community must stand united and in total support of these brave men and women defending the front lines in a world of chaos and evil.  Freedom comes at a cost.  Whether it’s paying the ultimate sacrifice (which so many have done) or leaving loved ones at home when duty calls, every defender sacrifices something.  The saying, “All gave some and some gave all,” is the truest reality we face.


To celebrate our heroes, we present to you the Emerald Coast Honor Games!

A day of competition, honor, community, fun, food, and world class views.  Home to the “World’s largest U.S.A. flag,” this celebration will be both historic and unique.  Situated at the south end of the Mid Bay bridge, Legendary Marine, Legendary Yacht Club, Legendary Marina, Lulu’s restaurant, Destin Middle School, and Destin Commons all converge to create a one of kind, world class venue!!!


On November 7th, 2020, the community, competitors, vendors, special guests, and Defenders of the Front Line, will come together for a special day. SEE SCHEDULE OF EVENTS ABOVE!  The idea behind this schedule is that you can come out for one part early, or one part later, or do everything!  


We will kick things off with the 4th annual “Ruck 22” event, which is open to the entire community (all ages).  Across our great land, the statistics sadly show that approximately 22 Veterans commit suicide EVERYDAY. 1 is too many.  To honor these heroes, we want to provide the community with a unique opportunity to engage, interact, and join area soldiers in an honorary ruck march beginning at Legendary Marine and throughout Destin Commons property will complete the equivalent to 22 full laps around a running track.  Bring your entire family and do something special to let our Veterans know that you stand in support of their sacrifice.  SEE RUCK 22 PAGE FOR ADDITIONAL DETAILS HERE.


The Emerald Coast Honor Games also features a fitness competition with various divisions to bring out your best inner warrior!  (Due to Covid19 restrictions – the fitness competition is schedule to be a virtual event.) SEE COMPETITION PAGE FOR ADDITIONAL DETAILS HERE.  


With vendors, HUGE raffle and silent auction items, special VIPs, local heroes, music, food and other patriotic ways to engage, the Emerald Coast Honor Games is sure to provide everyone an opportunity to show their pride and honor!  GET INVOLVED!


We have a goal of raising $100,000 to show support the FIVE amazing groups below, are you willing to donate?



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